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What to Expect

Whether you have or have not attended counseling before, please note that all counselors are not the same. We each were trained differently and approach the counseling relationship differently. Here are some tips on what to expect as we embark on this journey together. 


We will complete a biopsychosocial together which is a series of questions about you; medical, mental, and family history. This is especially required by insurance companies and also allows me to get to know you and your counseling needs better. 





All counselors have their style of counseling.


  • While I am very empathetic, I am also honest and direct.

  • I am here to guide you but not tell you what to do.

  • I am here to listen but I'm not your friend (which is unethical according to the American Psychological Association).

  • I often use Reality Therapy and Solution Focused Therapy with a positive regard for who you are and are working to be.

  • I am your ally, cheerleader, and a great source of support. 


During your treatment, we will work together to come up with strategies to help you heal, change negative behaviors, and look at the world through a different perspective. You will learn A LOT! You have the freedom to say if you like a treatment objective or not, and we can look at other possible options.

Studies show that seeing something on paper results in reducing fear and feelings of inadequacy. Therefore, sometimes we will complete worksheets together. Most sessions you will be given homework according to your treatment needs.  Homework is done in many forms: verbally, written, going somewhere, or doing something. Some say that counseling doesn't work, but if you do the work, it works! 

However, the most important part of your treatment is your honesty. 

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